Turn Down The Hot Water Heater

In the past we have talked about cancelling your home phone and avoiding the oven, but there is another appliance to watch out for: your hot water heater.  Your hot water tank maintains the water at a hot temperature so when you turn your hot water on (in the kitchen, bathroom or in the shower) you get instant hot water.

For most houses, the temperature setting of your water tank should be set so when you shower, you simply turn the dial or faucet all the way to hot. If you find you have to add some cold water, or not turn it all the way, your hot water tank is heating your water up too much.

You can save money by turning down your water heater. Your water tank will have a temperature control (usually at the base). Adjust it until you can turn your shower to all hot and be comfortable. This makes showering more convenient and will reduce your water heating costs (electricity or natural gas).

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