To Increase your Wealth, Use the Right Tools

In the book The Next Millionaires by Paul Pilzer, the idea is put forth that our personal financial success is not only based on what resources we have available to us, but also what tools we use.

The Next Millionaires is a great book on the new economics that will shape our current and future generations and it challenges many old economic principles. One of the great gems found inside is an equation that Paul discovered.

W = P * T

Wealth = Personal resources * Technology

This theory suggests that our wealth (as a society) is determined not only by the resources we have, but those resources multiplied by the technology that we have. This is a very interesting way of looking at things. The example is given of the oil/gas crisis of the 1970s in America. There was a projected shortage of gas and it was even rationed then. At that time, average gas mileage was about 9 miles/gallon from a $300 mechanical carburetor. Newer technology in the next decade brought the computerized electronic fuel injector at a cost of $25 and yielding mileage of 22 miles/gallon. The amount of gas (the resource) remained about the same (actually it went down slightly as usage continued) but the technology effectively doubled the supply by making better use of the resource.

Thus, the overall wealth was increased by the technology. Considering the resource on its own is not an effective way to measure its use. Technology truly does have a great impact.

Similarly with personal finances, we typically have a relatively fixed set of resources. In most cases it is not easy or possible to simply increase our income, assets, etc. However, the technology we use to manage these resources can make a big difference. Those who use tools to manage their money typically understand their cash flow and spending habits better and can make better and more informed decisions about saving and spending, resulting in an increase in wealth.

There are many different types and forms of tools to help, from old-school paper and pencil, electronic spreadsheets, to sophisticated computer programs and online tools, like CalendarBudget, that can track every penny and tell you exactly where you are and where you will be if you maintain similar behavior.

Whichever tool you choose is better than choosing to not manage your money at all. But keep in mind the formula – the better your technology, the more wealth you’ll have as you manage your resources more effectively!

If you haven’t yet, take some time to create a free CalendarBudget account and use the best technology out there to manage your money to further yourself down the path to building wealth.

Use the right tools to Build Wealth

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