Receive all of your bills electronically

Yesterday’s tip was to pay your bills electronically. Today’s tip: receive all of your bills electronically.

Most utility companies in Canada (hydro, gas, telephone, cable) offer electronic billing. You can receive your bills by e-mail, or by epost so that all of your bills arrive on time.

All major banks in Canada allow you to link your bank account to epost, so you log in to your bank’s web site, display your bills, and pay them with a simple mouse click!

Even better, you have no paper, and you can store electronic copies of your bills on-line for up to seven years. Did you save money this summer by turning down the water heater?  It’s easy to tell, since all of your bills from last summer are available on on-line.

Trying to make a budget?  It’s a lot easier if you can call up old bills electronically to see what you have actually spent over the last year.

Check back tomorrow for another reason why you should bank electronically.

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