Pay Your Bills Electronically, Post Dated

It takes a very good accountant to remember what day each bill is due. The phone bill is due on the 10th, and the gas bill is due on the 17th.   How can you remember to pay them all on time?

Once a week, gather all of your bills, and use your bank’s on-line payment system to post-date your payments.   If today is the 9th and you have a bill due on the 20th, enter the payment date of the 20th in your bank’s on-line banking system.   That way the payment will automatically be removed from your account on the due date.

Your money stays in your bank account for the longest possible time, which maximizes the interest you earn, but you never pay a bill late.

Best of all, no more postage to buy!   It’s free, or included in your service package with your bank.

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