Pay Bills Electronically to Protect your Identity

Over the last two days we have talked about paying bills electronically, and receiving your bills electronically. It saves you time, saves postage, saves trees, and it guarantees that your payments are received on time.

Today’s Tip: pay bills electronically to protect your identity.

The news media often carries stories about identity theft. If someone steals your identity, they can apply for credit in your name, and potentially destroy your good name.

How do they do it? One way is to go through garbage and find old bills or other paperwork with your name and address and account numbers. They may then be able to use that information to gather more information about you.

A first step to preventing identity theft is to shred all documents containing your name or other personal information; don’t just toss them in your recycling bin.

Even better, don’t get any documents in the first place! If your bills arrive electronically, there is nothing to shred. Of course you must keep your computer passwords secret, and change them occasionally to enhance security.

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