Labour Day Special: Cross Train at Work

Today is Labour Day, a day when we don’t labour (so shouldn’t it be called “Unlabour Day”)?  As we pause to reflect on work (while not working), ask yourself this question:

How safe is my job, and what can I do to make it safer?

Since the recession started in 2008, millions of workers in North America have either lost their jobs, or have been demoted to less well paying jobs.  What can you do to protect yourself?

One strategy is to “cross train” at work.  Learn new skills.  Ask your supervisor or boss to teach you a new job.  Keep doing your old job, but learn new skills as well.  That way, when the company needs to decide who gets laid off, you may be more valuable because you can cover more jobs, and that may help you keep your job.

A good job is hard to find, so take this Labour Day to think of ways to be more valuable at work.  (And it doesn’t hurt to have a fresh resume ready, just in case).

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