How to Deal With Overwhelming Credit Card Debts

What can you do if you are carrying an overwhelming amount of credit card debt?

You probably didn’t expect to have this much debt, but perhaps you got sick, or lost your job and had to use your credit cards to survive.  Now you have more credit card debt than you can ever hope to repay.  Budgeting won’t solve the problem, because the debt is simply too large.  What can you do?

You need to meet with a professional to review your debt relief options.  When budgeting alone is not enough, you need to consider a debt consolidation loan, credit counselling, a consumer proposal, or personal bankruptcy.  Which option is right for you?

Start by trying our Debt Options Calculator.  It’s free, completely anonymous, and only takes a few seconds to complete.  Learn your options, and start a plan to get out of credit card debt today.

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