Have a Garage Sale: Convert Stuff into Cash

Spring is the perfect time to have a garage sale, but any time of the year will do.  Sort through all of your stuff, and anything you haven’t used in the last year, put it up for sale.  That will include stuff your kids have outgrown, and anything else you haven’t used in a year (because if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably don’t need it).

To increase your chances of attracting a big crowd, co-ordinate with your neighbors and have a street sale.

Don’t want to do a garage sale, but still want to sell your stuff?  Consider selling your more valuable items on eBay to generate cash.

Once your sale is over and you have cash in your hands, use it wisely.  Use it to pay off your debts, or start a savings plan.  This is a great opportunity to get on track financially, so don’t blow your new cash; use it wisely.

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