What Is A Consumer Proposal – An Insider’s Guide

What is a consumer proposal ebookConsumer Proposals: An Insider’s guide is a free ebook published by the editors of MoneyProblems.ca that provides expert advise on what you need to know before you file a consumer proposal. Written by top debt advisors at MoneyProblems.ca this comprehensive guide answers your questions including what is a consumer proposal, how does a consumer proposal compare to other debt settlement options, how do you file a proposal and more.

An excerpt:

“You are constantly bombarded with ads on the radio and television for debt consultants and debt settlement companies that promise to settle your debt for cents on the dollar. It sounds great, but can you trust them? The best way to decide who you can trust is to do the research yourself, and make a decision. That’s why we wrote this book.”

Read this book and learn about…

  • Who you can trust to give you un-biased information about debt negotiation and consumer proposals.
  • Answers the question what is a consumer proposal and explains whether it might be the right option for you.
  • Walks you through the steps from assessing your situation to preparing the documents you need to file a consumer proposal.
  • What to do once your consumer proposal is accepted.
  • And a special bonus chapter on how a consumer proposal affects your credit report.

Learn why you should file a consumer proposal instead of filing a bankruptcy…

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