Solve Your Money Problems

Solve Your Money Problems by the editors of Having over 50 pages of practical advice on how to deal with your money problems, the book is a How-To-Become-Debt-Free guide for the Canadians experiencing financial difficulties.

Read this book and learn about…

Solve Your Money Problems Free Ebook

  • How to solve your money problems on your own, without paying a financial advisor
  • Debt consolidation loans – how to increase your chances of getting a loan and what to do if the bank says “no”
  • Consumer Proposals – Canada’s best kept secret for dealing with money problems
  • Credit Counselling – how to put a not-for-profit credit counsellor to work for you
  • Personal Bankruptcy – The Last Resort
  • List of Proposal Administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees Licensed by the Federal Government that provide free initial consultations

The book’s extras: special reports, worksheets, checklists, and case studies

  • The biggest budgeting mistake, and how to avoid it;
  • What Happens to my Credit Report if I file a consumer proposal?
  • Debt Worksheet, so that you can take stock of what you owe;
  • Monthly Family Budget;
  • Debt Consolidation Loan Preparation Checklist.
  • Case Study: How to Solve Your Money Problems with a Mortgage Debt Consolidation Loan;
  • Case Study: A Debt Management Plan Success Story.
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