Free Ebooks and Guides

Solve Your Money Problems eBook

Solve Your Money Problems Free EbookSolve Your Money Problems is a free ebook by the editors of Learn how to become debt free. Many extras including special reports like “The biggest budgeting mistake and how to avoid it, worksheets, checklist and case studies. Read more…

What Is A Consumer Proposal? – Free ebook

What is a consumer proposal ebookConsumer Proposals: An Insider’s guide, explains what you need to know before you file a consumer proposal. Written by top debt advisors at this comprehensive guide answers all your questions about consumer proposals. Read more…

Step by Step Budgeting Guide  plus worksheets

Budgeting ebookBudgeting Your Way Out of Money Problems, is an in depth yet easy to use guide to preparing a personal budget to manage your money and deal with your money problems. Our free ebook provides step by step instructions and supporting worksheets to walk you through six simple steps to preparing a budgeting. Read more…

Complete Guide To Debt Consolidaton

debt consolidation ebookThe Complete Guide To Debt Consolidation is meant for those who are struggling with debt and who have determined that budgeting alone is not enough. It’s for those who know they need to do something to bring their debt payments under control, but just don’t know which options are safe. Read more…

More Budgeting Worksheets

Sometimes you need a budget worksheet for a special situation. Our free excel budget worksheets can help you manage and track all your spending.

Download any of these easy to use worksheets:

Budgeting Guide Workbook – full budgeting worksheets to support our six step budgeting guide to budgeting your way out of money problems including goal setting, spending journal, budget preparation and tracking worksheets. We have also included a debt repayment spreadsheet to  help you create a debt repayment plan.

Recreation and Family Activity Budget Planner – a budget worksheet that can help you keep track of all your sports and activity spending.

Wedding Budget – if you are planning a wedding this worksheet will help you keep track of all the expenses.