Online Debt Calculator Canada

Debt CalculatorLoans, credit card debt, mortgage payments – are you worried about carrying too much debt? Our easy to use debt calculators can help you assess your current financial situation, find out if you have a debt problem and compare strategies for eliminating your debt.

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much of your income is used for debt repayment. Your debt-to-income ratio can tell you if you have room to borrow or if you have too much debt already.

Calculate Your Debt Ratio

Debt Options Calculator

Use this debt calculator to compare the cost of different debt relief options in Canada. Find out how much your monthly payment might be under alternative debt relief programs. Ask yourself how much can you afford to repay.

Calculate Your Get Out Of Debt Options

Debt Repayment Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how long it will take to repay the balance on your credit card and similar debt on your own or how much you need to pay each month to be debt free by a particular date.

Calculate Your Debt Repayment Plan