Valentines Day Gifts For A Budgeter

Valentines on a budgetYou’re sweetheart is trying to cut back a little on expenses this year and so are you. Yes, you could go out and do the typical budget Valentines Day gift thing like planning a meal at home. But how about buying something really special for your Budget Valentine?

Here are just a few ideas:

  1. A piggy bank with a lock on it
  2. A wallet that sings “You Never Give Me Your Money” by the Beatles
  3. An app that notifies your mother every time you use your credit card
  4. A portable coffee mug that says “Take Me I’m Yours & I’m Cheap”
  5. Lunaria seeds, so they can grow their own money

Regardless. Be wise, save money this Valentines. Don’t be seduced into spending more than you should. That’s the best Valentines gift of all.

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