The Best Way to Stop Collection Calls: Eliminate Your Debt

Calls from collectors can be both frustrating and intimidating. Our article on how to deal with collection agencies¬†provides some information on how to talk to collection agents when they call, including advice not to panic, to only tell them what you want them to know, to not make a deal you can’t afford, and to have a plan. Our final words of advice:

The best way to stop collection agents from calling is to eliminate your debt. It sounds obvious, and it is. Collection agents are calling because you owe money. If you don’t owe money, they will stop calling. Collection agency calls are not the problem; the phone calls are a symptom of your problem (too much debt). You solve the problem by eliminating your debt. Here are some options:

  • Work out payment arrangements directly with the collection agent.
  • Contact your creditor directly and see if you can arrange payment terms. Or, if you have good credit and need more time see if you qualify for a debt consolidation loan.
  • If you don’t have the money to pay your debts, you may need to file a consumer proposal or even file bankruptcy in Canada. Both alternatives provide legal protection from your creditors and are effective at ending harassing collection calls.

Whatever the solution, you can’t just hide from the situation. Try our ¬†free debt options calculator, review your options, make a plan, and get started now on a life without collection calls.

If you need advice on how to eliminate your debt, contact a debt advisor today for a free debt evaluation.

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