Teach Your Children About Money

Today’s Tip:  Teach your children about money.

If you consider yourself to be bad at managing your personal finances, ask yourself this question: did my parents do a good job of teaching me to manage money?

If your parents taught you money management skills at an early age, you are probably good at managing money. If your parents were constantly in debt, and always living from paycheque to paycheque, you are probably a poor money manager.

But take heart: people can change. You can learn to budget, and you can teach your children to budget and manage money. This week we will review some tips to teach your children about money. For today, set a goal for yourself: this week I will start teaching my children to be great with money, so that they will be great money managers.

Repeat this goal to yourself today, and tomorrow we will start with some practical tips for teaching children money management skills.

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