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Turning to a professional for debt relief is a wise decision. But there are many different debt relief plans or programs advertised and choosing the right debt consultant can be confusing. When choosing a┬ádebt advisor you should consider several key characteristics: accreditation, training and education, reliability, reputation and cost. Accreditation… Read more

You’re behind on your payments and collection agents are calling. They are aggressive and you are feeling abused and pressured. How do you deal with creditors you owe money to. What should you do when they call? Handling Collection Calls Don’t ignore them and don’t panic. Debt collectors won’t just… Read more

If you are like many Canadians, you probably spent more than you planned on a purchase, on vacation or because of an unexpected financial emergency. Now you are dealing with debt, it’s more than you can handle and you are looking for ways to reduce your debt. Debt reduction is… Read more