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Gas prices have been dropping in Ontario and everyone is on the edge of their seat wondering just how low they will go, and for how long.  We thought it would be interesting to find out how our reader’s have been affected financially by falling gas prices and discover what they plan… Read more

Expect the unexpected. Be prepared. There are lot’s of ways to say why you should have an emergency fund.

There are a lot of budgeting tools out there. What’s right for you?

Routinely missing bill payments can negatively affect your credit score.

We’ve just been reviewing how to analyze our expenses. How hard is it to find expense savings in your budget?

The best budget is based on knowing where you spend your money now.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to budget.

While the process of preparing a budget is relatively the same, there are many budgeting systems you can use. What systems are popular among our readers?

Yesterday we talked about why we budget. Are you a budgeter?