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Using credit cards to earn rewards can be a good choice if you know how to manage them carefully and avoid some common pitfalls. Here are four common facts you should consider when using your cards to earn points, no matter which rewards program you choose. 1. You May Be… Read more

You’ve been struggling with the challenge of meeting your monthly debt payments for a while now and have decided you want to deal with your debt but need a road map. Choosing the right debt relief option is a bit like hitting a traffic circle. Technically all roads will lead… Read more

With over half of all Canadians carrying an outstanding balance on their credit card, it’s not surprising that debt consolidation is something many turn too as a strategy to lower interest charges and pay off credit card debt sooner. However consolidation loans don’t always save you money in the long run or solve… Read more

If you are talking to a car dealer or financial institution about how to finance your next car purchase, here is a handy infographic that can help ensure you understand the key differences between these two financing alternatives and ask all the right questions. More detail information can be found… Read more

The majority of Canadians carry some form of debt, and many know they need to take action to get out of debt. But when is the right time to reach out to a professional? Here is a guide to understanding when your debt has become too serious to handle on… Read more

Debt is a fact of life. While we talk about living debt-free the truth is most people will at some point in their lives carry some form, or several forms, of credit. The trick to keeping your debt under control is to learn to borrow, and repay loans, wisely. Here… Read more

Every year more than 120,000 Canadians find themselves so deep in debt that filing insolvency becomes the only way to recover. It’s not the path of choice for anyone. No-one takes on debt assuming they won’t be able to repay what they owe. For most, it’s the combination of overwhelming… Read more

Moneyproblems.ca was created to provide a complete picture about debt relief in Canada. This means providing support for individuals who are able to pay off their debts on their own, but need guidance. Resources like our free e-book, Budget You Way Out of Money Problems. We also provide information about… Read more

Whether you have just one overused credit card or several outstanding debts, it’s going to take several changes in how you manage money to get out of debt. Think of your debt reduction as a campaign. No one tool is going to do the job. It’s good to look at… Read more

Eight reasons why budgets fail – an infographic. Click to view a larger image.