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Are you intimidated with the thoughts of making a personal budget. Don’t be. Making a budget isn’t really all that difficult. And the good news is, you can’t really make a mistake.  That’s because: There is no right or wrong budget. Every person’s budget is different since it will be… Read more

Debts and money problems typically accumulate over a period of time. Spending just $125 a month more than you make can balloon to more than $5,000 in debt within three years. And it’s not hard to overspend when you are not watching your budget. A coffee and a muffin every… Read more

Yesterday we talked about why we budget. Are you a budgeter?

Why We Budget Creating and following a budget brings financial stability into your household. Having a personal budget allows you to move from being ruled by your spending to being ruled by your goals. Without a budget you are drifting aimlessly, wasting money on purchases you probably don’t need and… Read more

Successful change begins with honestly understanding what your money problems are.

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada. Follow MoneyProblems.ca all this month as we talk about budgeting your way out of your money problems – no matter what they are. Did you know? 50% of Canadians admit to worrying about money1, Canadians admit to a gap between what they wish… Read more

Canadians don’t think they are better off financially now compared to a year ago and most are even more worried about the future. Does this sound like you?  Should you be worried? The answer is probably yes.  And here’s why. Consumer debt in Canada is too high.  Household debt-to-income in… Read more