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Being good with money isn’t just about making lots and lots of it. It’s about learning what to do when you get your sticky paws on it. There are heaps of people making big money who don’t have two red cents to rub together. Driven by emotion or determined to… Read more

There are basically two schools of thought in the personal finance world when it comes to budgets. School number one Touts traditional budgeting. That is, using spreadsheets, or envelopes, or jars, or paper cups, or shoeboxes, or old coffee cans, or old rubber boots to divide up and allocate how much… Read more

Jobs have been going buh-bye this year and the economy is looking a little precarious. It might be a good idea to head into this holiday season with a solid plan so you don’t come out with a holiday hangover. A more sensible approach to the holidays doesn’t mean you… Read more

Sound money management isn’t about binge spending and then cutting back until it hurts. Sure, when you’re in a store and something new and shiny catches your eye, you’re tempted. But just like eating a whole bag of one-bite brownies and then refusing to consume even a slice of toast… Read more

You know your debts won’t just go away and that you have to do something about them.  Not answering the phone, not opening the mail, not thinking about the problem isn’t working.  The phone keeps ringing, the past due notices keep piling up, and even when you don’t think you are worrying… Read more

Expect the unexpected. Be prepared. There are lot’s of ways to say why you should have an emergency fund.

Budgeting is a learning process. We’ve said before that there is no such thing as the perfect budget. The truth is no two people will make the same budget even if they are living on the same income, in the same neighbourhood with the same number of dependants, nor should… Read more

There are a lot of budgeting tools out there. What’s right for you?

Budgets need to be managed. That means keeping track on a fairly regular basis. Without some form of monitoring, you will have no way of knowing: If your budget is realistic; if you are working within your budget; or if you will be successful in achieving your financial goals. Here… Read more