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People happily talk about the latest trends in fashion. People talk about who is popular and who isn’t. People even talk about sex. You know what most people won’t talk about? Money. The Great Money Silence has been with us forever. There are all kinds of sayings about money that… Read more

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside of your comfort zone.” – Unknown My friend Joanne often reminds me that “there’s no growth in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone,” which means that if I want to achieve my biggest goals, I should get used… Read more

Over the past five years, I’ve been on a mission to get out of debt. Bad choices in my 20s, combined with a marriage breakdown and a job loss left me in a deep hole which has been an adventure to climb out of. While I wouldn’t wish my experiences… Read more

When I look back on my own debt journey, I can see that one of the biggest obstacles always standing between me and financial stability was the fact that I didn’t want to budget. Even though I wanted to get organized and I knew I needed to do something to… Read more

I meet people all the time who can’t tell the difference between a need and a want.  In our consumption-crazed world, virtually everything has become a need. And with the ease of a credit card swipe we can turn every need into a purchase. What are needs? Let’s clarify, shall… Read more

I was chatting casually with a neighbour recently about how their grandchildren were visiting for the summer and the conversation turned to how proud they were that they were helping teach their grand-kids (one boy and one girl) about debt. A little background as to why this is such an… Read more

Building strong money management skills matters. Knowing how money works, how money is earned and how to manage it is just the start. Children should learn early how to save, to invest and to donate. To do so effectively they need to understand how income and expenses work together, how… Read more

Once upon the time we Canadians were good savers. Yah, I know, it was about 30 years ago, but, gosh, why the free-fall into no-savings territory? Hey, maybe because… You’ve been spending more money than you make. Stop.  Carrying consumer debt means mortgaging your future income. Figure out a budget… Read more

I may not win many friends with this article, but I am of the opinion that one of the most effective ways to reduce bankruptcies and debt problems in the future is for people going through the process to share their experiences with family and friends. I am not suggesting… Read more

Banks & businesses are in the business of making money.  Period.  They provide a service or a product for a fee – when you borrow they charge you interest for using their money.  If you always keep that point in mind when you are borrowing money or buying on credit… Read more