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Question: About 6 months ago I was discharged from a bankruptcy and haven’t done anything yet to re-establish my credit. I’ve also moved (renting as usual) and changed jobs (different industry) in the last month, so I have no job or residence stability. My bank won’t offer me any sort… Read more

Question: Hi! I went through a consumer proposal, and now I’m wondering what do I have to do to clear my credit report. Is it going to be there forever? I was told that after 3 years my credit score will be clean. Do I have to contact credit agency… Read more

Rebuilding your credit is achievable. It just takes time and commitment. By making sure you make your payments on time and in full each month you can repair your credit score and improve your credit report. How long it takes to repair bad credit depends on what needs to be… Read more

Question: What are the credit score consequences of a debt management plan or consumer proposal? Debt Settlement Programs and Your Credit Rating The impact on your credit rating of a Debt Management Plan or a Consumer Proposal are the same. Both appear as an R7 on your credit report (R1 being… Read more