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personal finance educationWhile many criticize the lack of financial literacy in our schools or the shortage of unbiased advice from financial experts, the truth is there is a lot of free and useful information available on the internet to help you manage your money better and hopefully pay down debt. The trick is finding your way to those who provide advice that is useful, credible, and fits in with your own style.

Recently one of our advisors, bankruptcy trustee Doug Hoyes, was interviewed by about how to tackle your debt. Doug talked about how important it is to have a good strong plan if you really want to make managing your money easier. While we obviously recommend reading Doug’s interview, we also recommend browsing through many of the other insightful interviews of leading personal finance experts. There are articles covering a wide array of topics from budgeting to saving money, about getting organized and how to invest. And of course, there is a wealth of tips and ideas of how to get out of debt from money experts like David Ramsey and Grayson Bell at Debt Roundup.

For our part, has been providing free resources to help you budget and manage money since 1999. Never happy to just sit back, we are always looking for ways to improve. Just this past year we added two new personal finance experts to our team. We are pleased to have Canadian personal finance writer Gail Vaz-Oxlade blogging for us with her unique, no-nonsense approach to money and debt management. Our newest contributor, Sarah Milton will be posting her first article next week. Sarah is an inspiring and impassioned advocate of financial literacy. Writing about her own past experiences, her goal is to motivate people to aspire to better debt and money management choices.

Whether you need information, advice or just inspiration, we encourage you to research and read your way to a better financial future.

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