Student Loan (OSAP) Bankruptcy

Question: I have not been a student for more than 4 years. The last time I went to college it was for one year and I flunked out but I didn’t use OSAP.
From that time I have gone bankrupt. I got discharged this year from my bankruptcy. I can’t apply for any loans at any banks because of my situation. I’m starting university this is my second year and I need some sort of financial help or else I’m going to have to drop out. I did really well in my grades last year so OSAP doesn’t have a problem with that. They rejected me last year and I just want to know what I can do if they do reject me and what my other options might be. I am completely desperate.

Answer: Your best option is to talk to OSAP.  It is quite common for someone to go bankrupt and still qualify for a student loan again in the future.  Your other option is to discuss your situation with the admissions department at your school.  They will be fully familiar with all forms of student aid, and can advise you fully on your options.

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