Negotiate to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

If you have good credit, and if you are paying a high interest rate on your credit card, try this:  Call up your credit card company and say:

I just got an offer in the mail from another credit card company.  I like your card and I don’t really want to switch, but I’m paying 19% interest to you each month, and they are offering me a lower interest rate, so I’m wondering if you will lower my interest rate so I don’t have to switch?

If you are a good customer, you may be able to negotiate a lower credit card interest rate.

NOTE: If you are a bad customer (because you are late with payments, or you are carrying a lot of other debt), the credit card company may not only not lower your rate, but they may actually raise your interest rate, so only try this strategy if you have a good credit history.  If your credit isn’t great, you may be better off considering a consumer proposal.

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