Money Management’s Most ‘Appenin’ Apps

Money’s relationship with technology is about more than just the price tag famously associated with purchasing the stuff. In fact, technology is a blessing to those needing direction and support managing their every day finances thanks to the over-abundance of smart technical tools that have been developed to help the financially challenged get a handle on their dollars and sense.

best money management appsMoney management apps abound with almost the same frequency as crazy-making addictive games featuring cartoon birds. But apps need to do more than just track your expenses — they need to jog you into doing something. Here are five of the best:

Level Money (free on iOS and Android) is a straight-up instrument that considers the basics: how much you take in, how much you spend, how much you would like to save. Bearing this trio of non-negotiables in mind, the app assigns a daily spending limit.

• Manilla (free on iOS and Android) steps in where your mom leaves off, delivering a nudge every time a bill is due or your mortgage needs renewing. It also consolidates all of your account balances, including bank and credit card accounts, and even accrued points in Groupon and travel rewards programs.

Expensify (free on iOS and Android) simplifies the often messy business of managing expenses to be written off for business travel or income tax purposes. It tracks what you spend and lets you keep a photo log of your receipts. There’s even a facility for recording mileage and time spent on the road, and you can link your debt and credit cards to your spending.

• Budgt ($1.99 on iOS) is an unfettered tool for budgeting your expenses according to your own customized categories. Inputting your expenses is easy, and currency conversions are automatic.

Mint (free on iOS and Android) is a popular financial software app that gives you a window into your bank account balances in real time, lets you set a personal budget and gives you a rib poke if you are about to exceed it. You can link up all the financial goings-on of your life, including multiple credit cards, personal loans and RRSP accumulations. It takes a bit to set yourself up, but once you’re going, Mint makes it a cinch to grab a snapshot of it all, in graph or chart form.

Using these tools can help you manage your money and keep your debt under control. We also recommend that individuals use these apps during and after their bankruptcy or proposal to help them build a stronger financial future.

Do you use any of these apps? More than one? How do you use technology to manage your money and debt?

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