How to Deal with Collection Agency Dirty Tricks

Dealing with collection agencies is never easy.  They know how to intimidate you, and scare you into making a deal.

One of the biggest tricks to be watchful of is something called a Draft Statement of Claim. You may have received something from a collection agency or lawyer demanding payment and in the documentation they send your something that looks like a legal statement of claim. You think you’ve been sued but really you have not since this is not a legal court document. Typically included in the letter is a demand to pay within 10 days otherwise you may be ‘served’ with the statement of claim. ¬†This practice is both misleading and deceitful and is in fact illegal in the province on Ontario.

Here’s how to tell if the document you receive is a false ‘draft’ statement of claim:

  • there is no court file number in the top right corner
  • the document is not signed and dated by a court clerk or representative
  • if is marked ‘draft’

If you are dealing with collection calls, it’s time to deal with your debt. Contact an advisor today and talk about what debt relief options can help you stop collection calls like these.

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