Happy Canada Day- Have a Staycation

It’s Canada Day, and when cash is tight, a vacation can be expensive.  No problem.  Have a staycation.

Instead of traveling to a distant country, plan a series of day trips near home.  If you have relatives from another country come for a visit, where would you take them?  Pretend you are a tourist, and go there yourself.  Try a new restaurant, or a place you wouldn’t otherwise go.

If the kids want a day at the pool, go to the local outdoor pool, or book a night at a local hotel with a pool.  The staycation will not be free, but driving to a local hotel saves the plane fare, and gives you a break.

Why not trade videos with friends and have a move night, complete with popcorn?  That’s fun, and very inexpensive.

If you use your imagination, you will find many inexpensive ways to save money.

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