Halloween Costumes on a Budget – 5 Tips

Halloween Costumes on a Budget: Who says you have to spend a lot on a costume to be the life of the party?

You’ve  been invited to a Halloween party and have been told you have to dress up. You really want to go, but you have no money to buy or rent a costume; what do you do? Not go? Nah, just be creative; here are 5 tips that will keep money in your pocket and will be sure to entertain your fellow guests:

  1. Pin a few pieces of paper to your blouse or shirt – when asked what you are, tear a piece off and tell them you are a paper shredder.
  2. Put a piece of Styrofoam under an old shirt or blouse and stick a fork into the foam – what are you? Well-done.
  3. Are you a movie fan? Paint one of your fingers gold – what are you? Gold Finger
  4. Attach a sofa cushion to your front and back – what are you? The lost remote.
  5. As an Iphone owner, this is my personal favourite; cut out an Apple logo from a pie plate and tape it to the back of an old black T-shirt. Tape some torn plastic wrap to the front of the shirt – what are you? A smashed I-Phone.

Happy Halloween!

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