Don't forget about the library

Have you visited the library lately?  Chances are you haven’t visited the library since you were in school, but it’s a great way to save money.

Obviously you can borrow books, so you save money compared to buying books.  But libraries today are much more than just books.

You can read magazines and newspapers, which is an obvious way to save money.

In this new Digital Age you can even surf the internet on the library’s public computers.  How much do you pay for internet access at home?  Do you really need it?  If you have internet at work, you could check your e-mail at work during the week, and use the library computer on the weekend.

If you have children, the library has lots of activities for children, so instead of going to an expensive movie or theme park, spend a few hours per week at the library; your children will enjoy it, and you will save money.

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