Consumer Proposal Administrators

Do you want to understand exactly what a consumer proposal is, and if it is the best way to deal with your overwhelming debts? – The best way to get answers to your questions, and to learn about consumer proposals and other options available to you, is to talk to a Consumer Proposal Administrator, an expert on consumer proposals in Canada.

Who are Consumer Proposal Administrators?

If you file a consumer proposal in Canada, then a Consumer Proposal Administrator is appointed to administer your proposal. He or she is also a Trustee in Bankruptcy, licensed by the federal government. As a trustee, they are debt experts – the most qualified people to advise your about filing a consumer proposal.

It takes, on average, five years of training, courses, and practical experience to become a Trustee in Bankruptcy. A Trustee’s license allows the person to administer either a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy.

In Canada, there are approximately 1,000 Consumer Proposal Administrators who are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, a division of the federal government.

Consumer Proposal Administrator Duties

A Consumer Proposal Administrator will get to know you and learn the specifics of your current situation. They will discuss many different options that are available to you and explain how each of them would apply to you and your situation. Their job is to help you decide if filing a consumer proposal is the right option for you and, if so, then what proposal is reasonable, prepare the paperwork, and then present it to your creditors. (Just think: no more annoying collection agency phone calls!)

A consultation with a Consumer Proposal Administrator is the logical first step when considering filing a proposal to creditors, as most often the best decision is an informed decision, the one that is based on a lot of information and knowledge about the subject. To arrange for your free consultation, contact a consumer proposal administrator in your area today.

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