Change the Filter Every Month

Many areas of Canada are finishing a record breaking heat wave, so here’s a tip to save money: change your air conditioner or furnace filter more often than recommended by the manufacturer.

A clean filter is more efficient than a dirty filter, and in the summer filters get dirty quickly, due to the dust and pollen in the air.  Manufacturers often recommend a new filter every three months, but your air conditioner and furnace system will be most efficient with a clean filter, so change it every month during the dusty heat of the summer.

Here’s a bonus tip: don’t buy a top of the line filter.  If you are changing it monthly, you can buy a cheap filter; it only needs to last a month.  If possible, a reusable filter that can be cleaned may also save you money.

Here’s another tip: figure out a way to remember to change the filter.   One option is to put a note on the wall where you record the date you changed the filter.  If it’s more than a month ago, it needs changing.  Another option is to put a note in your calendar for a month from now to change the filter again.  Or “post date” an e-mail to yourself for a month from now so you remember, because a clean filter is healthy, and it will reduce your air conditioning costs.

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