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If you are dealing with tax problems, one way to deal with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is with a consumer proposal filed through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. CRA will not accept a negotiated settlement arranged directly between a taxpayer and Canada Revenue Agency for less than the full tax balance… Read more

If you have tax debt and are unable to work out a tax debt payment plan with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), formerly known as Revenue Canada, you still have options. There is only one possible method to get CRA to agree to a tax debt settlement and accept less than… Read more

Looking for a solution for outstanding tax debts, people are often asking: Is tax debt relief a possibility? Can I make a deal with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), formerly known as Revenue Canada, for the taxes I owe? The answer is yes. It is possible to make a deal with… Read more

Question: I owe Revenue Canada approx $8000 in personal income tax arrears. I submitted an income and expense form showing that I have less than $100 left at the end of the month and submitted an amount of $150 per month as a voluntary payment option. My proposal was refused… Read more

Question: In 2006 my girlfriend and I had a baby and began what the CRA defines as a common law relationship. I have been self employed for the last three years and I have not filed my 2006 or 2007 tax returns. I don’t have the money to pay any… Read more

Question: I have recently met with a credit counsellor and was advised that my only options based on my income (about $2400 a month) and debts are consumer proposal or bankruptcy. I owe about $35,000 to Revenue Canada for back income taxes (although I have not finished and filed all… Read more

Question: If you owe money to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA or Revenue Canada), but you don’t fully own your home, what can they take from you? Can they seize your home, car, bank account etc. CRA (Revenue Canada) Tax Liens and Powers of Collection If you owe taxes, CRA (Revenue… Read more