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Debt consolidation can take many forms. Choosing the right approach to consolidating your debt begins with understanding your needs and defining what you are trying to achieve. Here are 5 key objectives most people consider when looking to consolidate their debts. Identify Your Debt Consolidation Needs 1. Lower Interest Rates… Read more

Are you at your debt breaking point?  Do you have too much high cost credit card debt? Is your bank account in overdraft.  A job loss, wage reduction, illness or other personal emergency could be disastrous for you if you have no personal savings and you do not have the capacity… Read more

If you cannot deal with your debts by simply cutting your expenses, can borrowing money to consolidate your debts help? Is an unsecured debt consolidation loan the answer? If you have borrowing capacity, and can reduce the interest you are paying, getting an unsecured debt consolidation loan may be a good… Read more

There are ways to consolidate your debts into one, lower, monthly payment and pay off your debts sooner. Debt consolidation in Canada can mean many things and it’s important to understand the differences. All of the following debt relief options allow you to consolidate your debts into one single monthly… Read more

A debt consolidation loan is a loan you get to pay off other debts.  If you owe balances on three different credit cards, a debt consolidation loan combines all of your credit card balances into one loan, so you only have one monthly payment.  That’s great if it reduces the… Read more

Reduce your monthly payments with a debt consolidation mortgage loan One of the most popular forms of debt consolidation loans in Canada is a debt consolidation mortgage loan on your home. In Canada, lenders will provide you with a mortgage (a loan against your house) for up to 95% of… Read more

Should I get a second mortgage to pay off my bills? Can debt consolidation & refinance with a second mortgage solve my money problems? This is a difficult but very common question. The answer depends on your specific situation. Here’s a typical scenario: You bought a house five years ago…. Read more

A debt consolidation loan does not reduce your debts, but it can help you save money.  If you currently owe $50,000 on five different credit cards, and each credit card carries an interest rate of 19%, you are paying almost $800 per month in interest.  If you could get a… Read more

“I can’t find anyone who can offer me a unsecured debt consolidation loan. Banks have said NO …. Wells Fargo said NO … Citifinancial said NO. Where do I go now?” Alternative Debt Solutions Debt consolidation loans a great option for many people with money problems, but what can you do… Read more