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Average house prices in Canada increased 12% in 2015. That may be making it difficult for new home buyers to enter the market, but if you already own your own home its likely good news that your home equity just increased. If you are currently trying to pay off credit… Read more

A debt consolidation loan is a single loan that allows you to pay off most or all of your creditors at the same time, leaving you with only one outstanding loan.  This type of loan may also offer you an interest rate that is lower than what you are currently… Read more

This is a guest post by the experts at Credit cards can be a powerful tool to earn rewards, but they can also be dangerous. If you lack discipline with your credit card spending, you may find yourself with a bigger balance than you can pay off, perhaps across… Read more

You may be balancing a few credit card payments along with a few outstanding bills and you may be thinking that a debt consolidation loan would be a sure way to organize your finances and make debt repayment easier.  On the up-side, a debt consolidation loan will make your life simpler; you will… Read more

When it comes to consolidating your debts, it’s important to create goals that can help you to choose the right approach for your personal situation. Knowing what you want to get out of the process, including lower interest rates, lower payments, creditor protection or a combination of goals is important… Read more

Whether you are refinancing, consolidating your debt or looking for a new loan, there are many credit products in the market today to choose from. Like any loan, debt consolidation loans can differ in terms of interest rates, fees, payment schedules and flexibility. What type of debt consolidation product you choose will depend upon… Read more

One of the money solutions all financial advisors sometimes refer to is debt consolidation.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it means taking out a new loan (or line of credit) that is large enough to pay off all of your existing borrowing.  The reason you might do this is two… Read more

You have a few outstanding debts and are having trouble keeping up with the monthly payments. A debt consolidation loan can be an efficient alternative to consolidate these multiple payments into one. You end up with a simpler debt repayment plan and may be able to lower your overall monthly… Read more

Consolidating your high interest credit card debt into a lower interest rate debt consolidation loan seems like a prudent strategy in most cases.  After all by saving on interest charges you can pay off your debts faster. For example, if you currently owe $20,000 on credit cards that have an annual… Read more

For quite a few years now, financial and debt advisors have been encouraging Canadians to consolidate their expensive credit card and overdraft debt into much more reasonable line of credit debt. If you are trying to pay off your debt faster, using a line of credit instead of credit card… Read more