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If you are struggling financially and feel you need debt help, credit counselling agencies offer services which can point you in the right direction. Credit counselling may be the perfect solution for some, but it is not the right solution for everyone. Credit counselling is best suited if you need… Read more

How does credit counselling affect your credit score compared to late payments or a consumer proposal? We are often asked how credit counselling, or a debt management plan, impact credit scores. If you are having financial difficulties, chances are you already have some negative marks on your credit history. If you are… Read more

To find out who you owe money to, start by pulling copies of your old statements from at least the last year including loan statements, utility bills and your bank statement. Make a list of all your creditors (everyone you made a payment to in the last year)  then go… Read more

Credit counseling (which is called credit counseling in the United States, and credit counselling with two l’s in Canada and England) typically involves using the services of a credit counsellor to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. It’s called a debt management plan, and here’s how it works: Your credit… Read more