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If you have two much debt, and are just making the minimum payments, you may be looking at years of debt. You need to find another solution. But you want to avoid bankruptcy. What can you do? For many people, a consumer proposal will be the right solution. In a… Read more

Consumer Proposal Canada – Topics & FAQ’s A consumer proposal is a great debt solution for Canadians who want to deal with their debts.  The concept is simple: your consumer proposal administrator calculates what the creditors would receive if they were to reject your proposal and you were to go… Read more

Question: Is there any way to get a loan to pay off the remainder of my consumer proposal. We also have a car loan with 29% interest rate we would like to refinance. I would like to get one loan to pay off both but I have called and the… Read more

What Is a Consumer Proposal Administrator? To administer a consumer proposal you must be a Consumer Proposal Administrator, licensed by the federal government of Canada.  Usually a Consumer Proposal Administrator is also a Trustee in Bankruptcy. One of the conditions of that license is that the proposal administrator receives a fee… Read more

Question: I filed a consumer proposal in June 2008. I just did my tax return for 2008 and discovered that I am supposed to get a nice income tax refund of $2,300. Prior to filing my proposal, I owed $2,358 to the CRA, and they settled this account on my… Read more

Question: I have a consumer proposal which I am half way through paying off. I got a copy of my credit bureau because I am trying to qualify for a mortgage. When I pulled my bureau I noticed that the mortgage company had hit my bureau very heavily and it… Read more

Question: I owe $70,000 in unsecured credit card and bank debt. I have a good credit rating and I don’t want to go bankrupt but want to eliminate my unsecured debt. I would like to go the Consumer Proposal route. I only have one creditor. My situation is that I… Read more

Question: I have the following unsecured debts in my name and desperately need an answer as I have not missed any payments yet but I will shortly if I don’t get some help fast. My debts include: $30,000 credit card debt$10,000 credit line through Canadian Tire Bank (it was through… Read more

Question: I am currently paying on my consumer proposal. I kept my car, which is leased, and have been making the payments on my car and on my proposal on time, not missing any payments. The lease on my car is due next spring and I will still have about… Read more

Question: My husband & I own a house jointly. The house is worth $570,000 and the mortgage  is $420,00. While my husband and I each  have $75,000 equity, I owe $69,000 and my husband owes $63,000 in credit card debt. We make a combined income of $80,000.  If we file… Read more