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Every Canadian should know the basics when it comes to financial literacy and that includes an understanding of limitation periods; what they are, what types of debts are covered, limitation periods in various provinces, and how to calculate the expiry of a limitation period. Limitation periods place pressure on creditors… Read more

You may be getting phone calls demanding payment on your overdue account.  Bill collectors might be calling you on your cellphone.  They might also be calling your landline at home.  In some cases, they might even be calling you at your workplace. Collection calls can be very upsetting.  Most people… Read more

If you don’t pay your bank loan, credit card, or other debt, the lender may decide to send your file to a collection agency.  A collection agents job is to phone you and take whatever measures they decide are necessary to collect the money.  They want to collect because that’s how… Read more

There are definite rules that collection agencies need to follow. They cannot call you all hours of the day and night. There are limits. [youtube] Get familiar with the collection agency rules. Understanding these rules can help you deal with collection agencies when they call. Below we provide a… Read more

You’re behind on your payments and collection agents are calling. They are aggressive and you are feeling abused and pressured. How do you deal with creditors you owe money to. What should you do when they call? Handling Collection Calls Don’t ignore them and don’t panic. Debt collectors won’t just… Read more

Collection agents are paid to collect money.  That’s their job.  If all they had to do was phone people and ask for money, and everyone paid them immediately, they would be the nicest, friendliest people in the world. But obviously very few people send money to collection agents, so they… Read more

In our tip on how to talk to collection agents we said to Tell, Don’t Discuss. Collection agents are trained to ask questions, but you don’t have to answer any question to you don’t want to answer.  That’s why you have more power than you may think. If they ask… Read more

A practical guide for dealing with collection agencies and your debts, from Canada’s top expert. At some point in life, many of us have trouble paying the bills. If you’ve ever been hounded by a collection agency, you know how intimidating and stressful the experience can be. But we have… Read more

Calls from collectors can be both frustrating and intimidating. Our article on how to deal with collection agencies provides some information on how to talk to collection agents when they call, including advice not to panic, to only tell them what you want them to know, to not make a deal… Read more

The biggest mistake you can make in any negotiation is to not have clear objectives at the start of the negotiation. When a collection agent calls, you should know exactly what you want to accomplish. You need a plan. Are you trying to negotiate a payment plan where you pay… Read more