Cancel Your Phone

This may sound crazy, but do you really need a home phone?  If not, cancel it.

How many phone calls do you actually get at home?  Most of the calls I get at home are from sales people or telemarketers.  For important calls, I get called at work, or on my cellphone.  I don’t really need a home phone.

So cancel your home phone, and use your cellphone instead.  If you are only home on evenings and weekends, get an “unlimited evenings and weekends” plan from your cellphone provider, so your calls will be free.

If you are single and never home, it makes sense to cancel your home phone.  If you have teenagers at home and they are on the phone all the time, getting them cellphones may not be a prudent financial move, so evaluate your situation and determine what makes sense for you.

Some type of phone is necessary in the event that you need to call 911, but it may be possible to use a neighbours phone in the event of an emergency.

Bonus tip: if you bundle your cable, internet and home phone service with the same provider, your home phone may be less costly than a cellphone, so again, review your situation to make sure you have picked the best option for you.

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