Cancel the Newspaper

To save money, cancel home delivery of the newspaper.  Do you really need to pay for it?  To get your news, read it on-line.

Every major newspaper in North America publishes an on-line edition.  In most cases the on-line editions are free.  So why pay for yesterday’s news when you can read up to the minute news for free?

Even small-town local newspapers publish on-line editions.

Is there any reason to subscribe to an old fashioned printed newspaper?  One reason may be you want to read all of the flyers and other advertisements.  If you do, most papers publish their flyers in their Friday or Saturday edition, so just subscribe to the day that has want you want.  Many newspapers offer a weekend-only subscription rate.

If you really like reading the printed version, save money by sharing it with your neighbour.  When you are finished reading it, put it back in the bag and leave in outside your front door so your neighbour can pick it up.  Every few months switch; you subscribe for six months, then they subscribe for six months.  It saves money, and cuts down on recycling.

Remember: do you want the news, or the newspaper?  Once you answer that question, you will know whether or not you need to pay to subscribe to a physical newspaper.

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