Calendar Budget: Track Your Spending in Two Minutes a Day!

Where does my money go? – If you have no idea where you spend your money each month, Calendar Budget is for you!

If you hate the word budget, and don’t have time to figure out how to work fancy budgeting software, Calendar Budget is for you!

Log in and type in what you spent today. That’s it! Type in what you think you will spend each day this month, and Calendar Budget will tell you how much money will be left in your bank account at the end of each day. Print reports to show you where your money goes.

It’s a proven fact: if you don’t know where you spend your money, you will never be able to save, invest, buy the car or home of your dreams, send your children to college, or retire comfortably!

The rich know where their money goes; and now you can too!

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I’m so thrilled I found your app. It truly is exactly what I would’ve made for myself. I’d been using an Excel workbook with various spreadsheets on steroids from all kinds of formulas I’d written to keep track of my household budget and financial goals. But it became hard to manage those expenditures that pop up in between set payments and still see the forward impact. I’d thought of creating a calendar myself, but the idea of rewriting formulas was exhausting. So thank you thank you thank you!

One other thing that I’m excited about is that finally my husband and I can be on the same page. If he needs to buy unscheduled gas or grab lunch, he can get a snap shot of our account balance and budget without checking with me first. And he can go in online and make the update himself so I’m not pecking him about a receipt. I hate him feeling like a kid on an allowance!

– Venita Davis

If you haven’t checked out CalendarBudget, go take a peek. Simple to use, but very powerful in the way it conveys information about your current financial state.

[My wife] is pretty skeptical about most budget software, because she’s not found something that resembles her budgeting technique, and most programs, like MS Money or Quicken, don’t quite represent the way we spend money and pay bills (though both are nice pieces of software in their own ways).

So I showed her CalendarBudget, the demo, and she ‘got it’ right away. She likes to see how much will be in the bank on any one day.

– Chris Wheeler

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