Bankruptcy Exemptions in Quebec

Code of Civil Procedure

Statute: Click here to read the Statute

Exempt Property

  1. movable property which furnishes his main residence, used by and necessary for the life of the household, up to a market value of $6,000.
  2. food, fuel, linens and clothing necessary for the life of the household.
  3. instruments of work needed for the personal exercise of his professional activity.
  4. consecrated vessels and things used for religious worship.
  5. family papers and portraits, medals and other decorations.
  6. property declared by a donor or testator to be exempt from seizure, which may however be seized by creditors posterior to the gift or to the opening of the legacy, with the permission of the judge and to the extent that he determines.
  7. judicially awarded support and sums given or bequeathed as support, even if not declared to be exempt from seizure by the instrument evidencing the gift or bequest.
  8. books of account, titles of debt and other papers in the possession of the debtor.
  9. contingent emoluments and fees due to ecclesiastics and ministers of religion by reason of their current services, and the income of their clerical endowment.
  10. benefits payable under a supplemental pension plan to which an employer contributes on behalf of his employees, other amounts declared unseizable by an Act governing such plans and contributions paid or to be paid into such plans.
  11. periodic disability benefits under a contract of accident and sickness insurance.
  12. reimbursement of expenses incurred under a contract of accident and sickness insurance.
  13. property of a person that he requires to compensate for a handicap.
  14. certain salaries and wages.
  15. employer contributions to pension, insurance or social welfare funds.
  16. the value of the food and lodging supplied or paid for by the employer on the occasion of travelling while carrying out work.
  17. passes given by a transportation undertaking to an employer’s employees.

What do I do now?

For more information on exemptions in bankruptcy in Quebec, and what you get to keep if you file bankruptcy in Quebec, please consult a Quebec bankruptcy trustee.

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