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Sadly, bankruptcy among seniors is on the rise. This is one more worry to be added to a long list for family members who are concerned about their aging parents. Not used to credit cards in their youth, many seniors are racking up credit card debt at an alarming rate; finding… Read more

“Financial success, as well as most success in life, is not about perfection, it’s about direction.” In my last post, I talked about the importance of assessing your financial fitness so that you know how vulnerable you might be in the event of an unexpected expense or a drop in… Read more

This is a guest post by the experts at As mortgage rates have come down this year because of a couple of Bank of Canada rate cuts, you may be wondering if it’s time to consider refinancing your mortgage. Reasons For Refinancing There are three main reasons why you… Read more

Jobs have been going buh-bye this year and the economy is looking a little precarious. It might be a good idea to head into this holiday season with a solid plan so you don’t come out with a holiday hangover. A more sensible approach to the holidays doesn’t mean you… Read more