Monthly Archives: June 2015

If you are talking to a car dealer or financial institution about how to finance your next car purchase, here is a handy infographic that can help ensure you understand the key differences between these two financing alternatives and ask all the right questions. More detail information can be found… Read more

“Lack of money is never a problem; it’s the symptom of a problem.” – T. Harv Eker The psychology of money is one aspect of money management that tends to get overlooked when it comes to financial planning and debt counselling. In the financial industry we focus very strongly on… Read more

The phrase “bank of mom and dad” is used as witty humour to highlight the fact that our younger generations are beginning to lean on their parents for support when it comes to paying for costly investments such as schooling, a car or even a house.  It’s not uncommon for parents… Read more

People happily talk about the latest trends in fashion. People talk about who is popular and who isn’t. People even talk about sex. You know what most people won’t talk about? Money. The Great Money Silence has been with us forever. There are all kinds of sayings about money that… Read more