Monthly Archives: March 2015

When I look back on my own debt journey, I can see that one of the biggest obstacles always standing between me and financial stability was the fact that I didn’t want to budget. Even though I wanted to get organized and I knew I needed to do something to… Read more

Guest author Melanie Sandwith is a Credit Counsellor, Daycare Provider and Triathalete. She talks about managing her family budget while meeting the challenge of following a gluten free and allergy restricted diet. With the rising cost of food I have many clients that struggle with keeping their grocery bill under control.  When… Read more

I meet people all the time who can’t tell the difference between a need and a want.  In our consumption-crazed world, virtually everything has become a need. And with the ease of a credit card swipe we can turn every need into a purchase. What are needs? Let’s clarify, shall… Read more

Recently one of our advisors, Doug Hoyes, was interviewed by about how debt can be a handicap for those approaching retirement. Roughly two-thirds of Canadians 55 and over carry debt in their pre-retirement years and only half of those will pay off that debt before the5 y retire. So… Read more