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“Without struggle, no progress and no result. Every breaking of habit produces a change in the machine.” – George Gurdjieff We live in a society that, not only encourages us to spend but which also makes it really easy for us to spend money we haven’t even earned yet. When… Read more

While many criticize the lack of financial literacy in our schools or the shortage of unbiased advice from financial experts, the truth is there is a lot of free and useful information available on the internet to help you manage your money better and hopefully pay down debt. The trick is finding… Read more

Whether you are refinancing, consolidating your debt or looking for a new loan, there are many credit products in the market today to choose from. Like any loan, debt consolidation loans can differ in terms of interest rates, fees, payment schedules and flexibility. What type of debt consolidation product you choose will depend upon… Read more

Running up balances on your credit card over the holidays is something most Canadians face. However if you can’t pay those balances off in full after the season is over, you will find the cost of your Christmas purchases can almost triple. Our infographic outlines the true cost of using… Read more