Monthly Archives: October 2014

It doesn’t happen often, but people as young as 18 have had to file bankruptcy in Canada. On average, about 12% of all insolvencies (both bankruptcies and consumer proposals) are filed by people between the ages of 18 and 29. And the truth is, it doesn’t take much debt to tip… Read more

I was chatting casually with a neighbour recently about how their grandchildren were visiting for the summer and the conversation turned to how proud they were that they were helping teach their grand-kids (one boy and one girl) about debt. A little background as to why this is such an… Read more

One of the money solutions all financial advisors sometimes refer to is debt consolidation.  For those unfamiliar with the term, it means taking out a new loan (or line of credit) that is large enough to pay off all of your existing borrowing.  The reason you might do this is two… Read more

It doesn’t matter how committed you are to budgeting, there are times when the unforeseeable waltzes into your life and poops on your carefully made plans. When Suzie Q wrote to me to say she had three months’ worth of emergency money, a car fund, a kids’ fund, a yard… Read more