Monthly Archives: July 2014

How do you know if you are at risk for money problems?  The obvious answer is that if you are getting constant collection calls and are threatened with court action you have money problems, but for most people there are many warning signals long before court action begins. A better… Read more

Earlier this month I spoke with TV news personality Barry Choi and blogger at about financial literacy. During our conversation, Barry offered some of his favorite tools and tips for saving money. Barry’s Basic Budget Rules As we discussed earlier, Barry has just a few basic rules for managing your money: Spend less… Read more

For whatever reason your credit card bills have accumulated a little beyond your ability to pay off in one single payment yet you know with some effort you can get them back down where they belong – zero. The thing is, your a little overwhelmed at where to start. Sometimes… Read more

Building strong money management skills matters. Knowing how money works, how money is earned and how to manage it is just the start. Children should learn early how to save, to invest and to donate. To do so effectively they need to understand how income and expenses work together, how… Read more

Do you wish you could figure out how well you’re doing financially but don’t know where to go to find benchmarks against which to measure yourself? Stats Canada has figures but they are very general but always seem to be on the old side. It’s okay to use them when… Read more