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If you have money problems and want financial advice, it doesn’t really matter who you talk to, right? Wrong. While credit counsellors, debt consultants, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers, bankers and bankruptcy trustees all have some basic knowledge, all financial advisors are not created equal. A chartered accountant or chartered professional… Read more

Like me you may have seen a sheet posted on the lunch room bulletin board since the beginning of January promoting a saving plan called the 52 Week Money Challenge. It goes something like this: Begin in week one and deposit $1. Week 2 save $2 Week 3 save $3… Read more

2 jobs, 2 kids, 2 cars, RRSPs, RESPs, a house and a dog.  The Millers (not their real name) sound like the average Canadian family.  It sounds like they should have a pretty good life.  The problem is their debt.  They have a lot of it and it is not… Read more

Everyone makes mistakes. If you’ve been making any of the following mistakes with your money, you can decide today to make a change and make a difference. 1. Spending more than you make. If you’ve succumbed to the lure of credit as a solution to your cash flow shortfall, you’re… Read more