Monthly Archives: April 2014 was created to provide a complete picture about debt relief in Canada. This means providing support for individuals who are able to pay off their debts on their own, but need guidance. Resources like our free e-book, Budget You Way Out of Money Problems. We also provide information about… Read more

I may not win many friends with this article, but I am of the opinion that one of the most effective ways to reduce bankruptcies and debt problems in the future is for people going through the process to share their experiences with family and friends. I am not suggesting… Read more

It’s easy to pay for purchases using your credit card but it’s not always easy to keep your use of credit under control. In fact money owed to credit cards at the time people file debt relief accounts for approximately 31% of their debt. Their average outstanding balance on credit… Read more

Credit card companies are in business to make money. When they issue you a credit card they make money by charging the merchant a transaction fee every time you use your card, and they earn money if you carry a balance or incur late payment or other credit card fees…. Read more